Late to work and all stressed up? Rest assured with "Parkify" you would not need to spend your time finding a free parking lot, the web-based app will notify you of where there are free spaces and leave you focused on the driving.

The idea sprung out of a actual need we have at Svenska Spel, the amount of employees have steadily been growing over the last years but the parking lots have not. Around 09:00 all spaces could be occupied, especially on rainy days and during winter. An application signaling where the free spaces are located, if any, could relieve stress and rush traffic during the mornings, an ecological aspect with reduced pollution also comes to mind. As an additional feature, is case all parking lots are occupied and you had to park elsewhere, there is the possibility to get a notification message sent to your mobile phone when a free parking lot becomes available.

The teams approach to solve the problem at hand was to rely on cameras mounted on the rooftop of the building, giving a "bird's-eye view" of the parking lots and the cars. The de facto standard library for image recognition and processing, OpenCV, was used and trained to recognize cars on our parking lot. A Node.js application was then developed that interfaced with OpenCV and analyzing the pictures taken by the camera, all detected cars were then matched with a grid representing the parking lots. The Node.js application also serves a web-based app visualizing the interpreted picture from the cameras and the status of each parking lot, text-to-speech is built into the web app and aids the user with a verbal indication of the number of free lots.

We got everything up and running, except the notification feature which requires a SSL certificate to work. All in all we had a fun time writing this application and for the chance of learning something new.

Team 3: Jonas K, Vladimir K, Henrik Ö, Emil Ö, Issac P, Josip U

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