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Having in mind the ‘WOW’ criteria for this year’s hackathon we immediately went for AR as our main technology. On the few brainstorm meetings we decided to work with the TRISS product and improve the users experience by adding more excitement, involvement and eventually engage the user (who bought a physical ticket) in an online experience.

The idea is pretty simple. After you scratch your physical Triss ticket, you’ll be able to scan a QR-code with an URL that launches the AR-experience. The AR-experience offers an extra chance to win something. Through you mobile or tablet will see a 3D box floating above the TRISS ticket and inside the box is the price. Very exciting, right!

Day 1

We start the day by breaking down the idea to smaller tasks. Setting up environment and start to play with some AR frameworks. A big challenge that takes up a lot of our time is trying to create a custom marker (trigger for the AR experience) for the Triss ticket. There’s a lot of try and error here. We are using three.js which is a 3D library to create the experience. We are starting to build the Svenska Spel logo in 3D. The idea is that it should pop up from the box. We are also adding listeners that listen for a click to launch sequences in the animation so that the box opens when clicking on it.

Day 2

The work with 3D animations continues. Spending a lot of time to get textures on the models. We are realising that we don’t have enough time to get the animation of the logo in place. Quick solution is to put the price on the bottom of the box. By tilting the phone, you are able to see the price you have won.


We’re all feeling a little disappointed that we didn’t manage to do a better and more amazing winning animation but are all satisfied that we managed to get it fully functional for the demo.

We had a lot of fun, experimenting with new frameworks, techniques and just hanging out together as a team.

Team 1: Sandra K, Magnus K, Timmy Y, Tony N, Håkan F, Johan M

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