Hackathon - Team Dashboard

We arrive at Tofta early in the morning. The sun is shining and the winds are gusting. Perfect weather for a Hackathon event! We step into our designated team room, close the curtains and for two days the entire room is flickering from the blue lights of our computer screens.

Although our team was decimated from six to four members even before the event started, our vision of what to achieve remained the same. To create something that would be functional and useful right of the bat. Something usable by ourselves, the development teams: A multi-screen solution for our soon to be team rooms.

An outward facing display where the visitors can get information about the team and its members, what the team is working on and maybe even leave as message?
Inside each room one or more displays for relevant statistics, system monitoring, team backlog, Kanban board for morning stand-ups and so on.

Each display is operated through a web based control client accessible from any device such as a mobile or computer. Just scan the QR code in the upper righthand corner and use the interface to toggle between different informational views, or to leave us a message.

The outward facing display can be operated using an adjacent 7 inch touch screen powered by a Raspberry Pi. The touch screen runs the same web based control interface mentioned above. A motion sensor detects when anyone is close to the display and sends a Wake command, lighting up the 7 inch control panel.

To "geek things up" even more we added LED-stripes for indicating Welcome/Do not disturb status for visitors and notifying the team of new messages. Any new messages is automatically read up by the inside monitor using the Web Speech Synthesis API. In Swedish of course ;)

Summing upp Hackathon 2017 for our team; Good food, lots of fun. 

Oh, and one more thing..
When the dust settled and the votes were counted, we were proclaimed the winning team!

/Team 5
Reine "10pm refactor master", Mats "the drone pilot", Jimmie "the pixel pusher" and Kotte "the mascot".

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