dotCSS and dotJS in Paris

Last week a couple of us took a trip to Paris for a few days to visit the annual dotCSS and dotJS conferences.We took an early flight from Visby to Arlanda. After an hour or two and a good chat it was time for our next flight that took us to Charles De Gaulle (one of the largest airports in Europe).After we finally arrived at the hotel we went out to find some food and see the city, and WOW, what an amazing city it is! People everywhere still sitting outside, enjoying a glass of champagne or wine. We took an early night to prepare ourselves for our next day which would be full of energy and of course CSS!


Many of the talks were good. We got to hear much about CSS Grid; a new technique to layout your web app with just semantic elements and no (less) need of wrapping container elements.

We also got to talk to Google representatives and they helped us perform a Lighthouse test off our site ( Basically Lighthouse is a tool for developers which is used to see what improvements could be made on a website to improve performance, accessibility and loads of more (Side note: we had a pretty good score!).


The next (and last) day of the conference, it was time for a full day of just JavaScript. Lovely! The hype was up and we had big expectations.

Wes Bos (teacher) was the first speaker out and he did a really great talk on async/await and the different ways to handle errors. We especially liked the clean way he proposed to handle errors with higher order functions.

Several other great talks were made that day, but to mention a few there was Adrian Holovaty (Co-creator of Django), who held a talk of how exhaustive it can be to maintain an open source framework, the less need of frameworks and how we need to start thinking for ourselves again.

We also got to listen to Brendan Eich, the inventor of JavaScript. Now how cool isn’t that? He was the final speaker of the conference and mentioned some key points of JavaScripts history and what’s coming to the language.

The conference ended with an party where we got to drink some locally produced beer, mingle with other attendees, speakers and staff.

To sum these day up; it was a great trip, we learned a lot and we met a lot of interesting people.

Mathias & Timmy

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