After two planning meetings before the hackathon we had September 7-8, we decided to build a web based correcting experience, in AR (Augmented Reality), for our customers who are betting at Lotto at our agents.

To be able to make a correcting experience from a Lotto receipt, we need to scan the receipt’s barcode and have some sort of marker attached to the receipt for our AR animation.
We decided to use quaggaJS as our scanning engine, AR.js with A-FRAME for our AR-experience and jQuery, Node.js and Express.js as base.
No one in our team had any experience with AR on the web so the learning curve was quite steep in the beginning to make the AR experience fit our needs. On a Hackathon, the implementation does not need to be perfect, so some creative programming is allowed and was used.
At Thursday evening, the scanning software was working as expected and AR-animation started to fit our needs. The Friday work was to optimize the complete experience, from scanning the receipt to the big final with the jackpot experience.
To summarize, we are quite happy with our results during the two days and with the WOW-factor we created. The solution is generic and could be used with lots of our games.
The technic we were using is getting mature and it is an enabler to make awesome AR-experience on the web.

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